Hey there I hope you had a great weekend. Last month I had a breakdown. Yes, a breakdown. You see, I have so much going on, and sometimes I have moments when I need to just take a huge breath and pray for a while, get away and be still and just get strengthened by releasing my weaknesses and telling God I am nothing without his strength. But even with doing those practices, I still had a breakdown.

No, I didn’t retreat to doing anything harmful to my body or life, or jeopardizing anyone else, but I just had a huge cry fest and sort of a pity party. My mom came over, and I just broke down crying! I normally don’t do that, even though I am a sensitive chick I deal with a lot without taking it there, But even the strong need to have moments of vulnerability. It’s what makes us human.

But check this out, even though I had a breakdown, I didn’t stay there. It was not for a few minutes, or even a few days, it honestly was for a few weeks. I acknowledged where I was, and didn’t deny it, but pushed through and continued to encourage myself even when I felt like crap.

But today I can definitely say that I had a breakthrough from the breakdown. I realized that I had some fears. . . I realized I had some doubts . . . I realized I had some insecurities about who I was and where I was going . . . I realized a lot in this time of the breakdown. That my friend is what got me to the breakthrough. Acknowledging where I was and being honest about it, and then saying that this is my today, but it will not be my future allowed me to speak victory over my situations. I’m all about speaking faith, I truly am! But I also am one that knows that it is not about what you feel, it is about what you know. So even when you know that faith has an amazing payoff, when you are in a particular place, that feeling can contribute to a breakdown.

It’s okay to breakdown, but just don’t stay there. Acknowledge what is going on, and make notes of how you feel in that place. Then make the steps to breakthrough from the breakdown. )

Wishing you a Successful Beauty-filled Journey,

Elizabeth Jennings
The Minister Of Beauty