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Tempting Lashes Eyelash Mastery Online Course

Are you ready to maximize your time and your earnings in the eyelash business? Look no further than the Tempting Lashes Eyelash Mastery Online Course.

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What our customers say

I just want to say how awesome it was to have Elizabeth Jennings help me with her knowledge in this lash industry… I’m an owner of my own lash boutique where I house 3 techs.. I’ve been feeling stuck for a bit and needed some guidance and advice… It was small things adding up and adding up until I couldn’t take it anymore.

The only person I could turn to and ask was my friend who has a lash business and 3 locations.. Successful at that…
What a fresh of breath air. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and pointing me in the right direction. I truly admire the work you put into your business and am grateful that you were there to share your success with me. Owning your own lash business is more then just lashing… In order to run this business right, you need the right tools… Elizabeth gave me just that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


Marisol Ortega | Owner, Ooh’lash Lash

Okay….let me start off by saying this…I have been in the ‘lash biz’ for about 4 1/2 years. First, taking the Novalash training class to begin with and after feeling like I wasn’t quite ready to take on REAL actual clients, I went BACK to take the Xtreme eyelash course. Not saying anything bad about either of those training courses, but I just want to say how AMAZING Elizabeth at Carolina Eye Candy has been for me, and my business. I’m saying this over 4 years of doing lashes! I finally have found someone who breaks things down for me AND sends me the BEST product I have ever used(believe me, I’ve used it ALL). I used to have issues such as: clients saying their lashes came off in a matter of days, their eyes burned or itched, clumps of lashes coming out at one time, etc. These issues used to follow me every single day. It did not matter what product I used…I could be using the MOST expensive glue, lashes, blah blah..didn’t matter, still had clients who would contact me. As passionate as I am about doing lashes (it’s basically my life, if you’re like me..you know how it is) it was SO FRUSTRATING not having a product or a mentor to turn to for help, that I could COUNT ON! Until one day, my client suggested I get in touch with this lady Elizabeth. She used to do her lashes and when she did (she moved to a different city, where I reside) she never, ever, had the issues that she had with me. Now you have to know, I tell my clients to be brutally honest with me. I actually want to know if something isn’t working for them, because I want to be the BEST in my area. I feel like I was just lucky. The client referred me to Elizabeth and I cannot stress enough what a change it has made in my lash world. I literally owe her everything. I feel like my world was about to crumble and right as it was, Elizabeth showed up. First, the consult…JUST IN THE CONSULT I knew she was going to be the best thing that ever happened for me…she was so good about answering all my questions and it was the way she answered them… Going through step by step, really getting down to the root of my problems. Suggesting to me products that again, changed my world. This, ladies, is the answer to your problems. This woman knows her stuff! I truly feel like I am now, a lash PRO. I am extremely confident in my work..because all I get is great feedback!!! Her ways just work, it’s as simple as that…I just want to tell her how extremely grateful I am for all her help. I’m finally on the path to lash success!
Kelly S

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