I know it’s been a minute since I’ve written you, but I have had an insanely intense month. As I am in the middle of a new beauty business location launch, I have encountered so many “things”. These things have ranged from personal issues, like my central air conditioning unit being on the fritz at home for several weeks (how miserable, but that’s what you deal with sometimes dealing with a home warranty company), to dealing with shady contractors. Those are just to name a few. But I had a situation a few days ago that made me think about the fight or flight syndrome.

Well I was beginning a marketing campaign for my newest location, and someone that was assisting me with this wasn’t getting the results she was expecting. So she said to me “Can I ask you a question? Why did you open this business location? Was there a demand for it?” I honestly don’t think she meant any ill intent with her question, but for someone like me, I truly had to take it at face value and check her on it.

So I said, it doesn’t matter if the demand was there, I am doing this because I believe in it. You see, over the years in my journey as a beauty business entrepreneur, it wasn’t for me about a demand for what I was going to offer, because honestly there wasn’t. But I had the faith and made it a demand! That is the true definition of a fighter. I had so many obstacles over the years in my journey, but instead of retreating, or fleeing, I fought for my faith and believed in what I wanted to achieve.

So when doubters come for your vision, do you fight or flee? When things are not going the way you envisioned them at the moment, do you fight or flee? When the hard times seem like they are lingering, do you fight or flee? I’m thankful I had the tenacity to fight, no matter I was seeing. Will your visions be worth fighting for or fleeing from? I’ll let you decide.)

Wishing you a Successful Beauty-filled Journey,

Elizabeth Jennings
The Minister Of Beauty

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