2018 has been a year of celebration, reflection and transparency for me. As we enter into the second quarter of the year, I thought about the words “Have You Proven Yourself?” Listen, when I went into entrepreneurship in 2006, I didn’t jump in head first, I was definitely fearful but also strategic. But I learned some things when I went into the world of beauty business entrepreneurship. I didn’t have the support around me that I would have honestly appreciated, but it was okay.

I knew that from where I came from, seeing was believing. Now I’m not talking about faith where it involves spirituality, but faith where it involves believing in a person. See, my background was one of disappointments, failures, let downs, and heart aches because I didn’t come from a family that had a whole lot. So there were times my hopes were up only to be torn down. So I got to the point in my life that I didn’t hold my breath for anyone to do anything for me. I was all about showing and proving.

I see a lot of posts these days on social media, especially facebook, where people are writing posts about their friends and family not supporting them. And I ask myself “Have You Proven Yourself?!” Now I don’t know the answer to that question, but I can only imagine the things that some people may have tried out and told those around them “This is It!” “This is my time” “I am going to be the top of the salespeople in X organization” and etc. And those things didn’t even last a full year because they were on to something else.

So I consider these things and my own experience when it comes to support. You have to get to the point that you are not looking for the amen corner or a cheering squad in order to make the decisions you will for your livelihood and your desires for success. So the more important question is have you proven yourself to YOURSELF? I hope you will learn that you are the most important person to PROVE yourself to, and once you have done that, the doubters will become believers.

Wishing you a Successful Beauty-filled Journey,

Elizabeth Jennings
The Minister Of Beauty

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