Want to get up early for work? Start changing your daily routine now. You will face a lot of obstacles when you start changing your morning routine. You can overcome these stumbling blocks if you do the following:

Changing mindset. People want to fight sleepiness because of fear of not being able to do more. Change this perception. Sleep is your chance to recharge your tired mind. So the next time you feel sleepy, abandon what you are doing and hit the sack. It allows you to wake up alive and energized the next morning.

Adjusting bedtime. Sleep deprivation means your body won’t be able to function properly. In order to ensure that you will be productive the next day, try sleeping an hour earlier than your usual bedtime.

Rearranging other nighttime activities. Sleeping earlier means you may need to eat you dinner earlier and would have to skip other night time rituals that you might find enjoyable- like drinking that after dinner espresso or grabbing a bottle or two of beer with friend.

Also dinner must be eaten at least two to three hours before bedtime.

Plan ahead your morning activity. Have a busy day at work in the morning? No problem. Prepare your wardrobe and other necessities the night before. That way, you don’t stress out in the morning trying to juggle too many things at one.

Advanced preparation also means you get to cover all your bases and you can get up early for work with no stress.

Turn off gadgets. Your electronic devices hinder you from having a long and relaxing sleep. It’s best if you turn off your phone and other devices to free you from distraction. Instead take the time to listen to music or read a couple of pages of that paperback novel you’ve bought a long time ago.

Create your own bedtime routine. Your bedroom must be your sanctuary. Make it as relaxing as you can. You can dim the lights. You can light scented candles. You can play music softly in the background . Avoid having a messy bedroom as this will distract you.

The technique here really is to start the night before. Want to wake up early? Start following these tips tonight!