Do you have the stamina it takes to run the longest mile, or are you in it for a quick adrenaline boost? Now these race analogies are not really that familiar to me, because let’s be honest. I have never actually enjoyed running. Never have, never will. I love walking. I love going to NYC and just walking the large city blocks for miles on end. Others like to catch a cab everywhere they have to go to get their the fastest. And yes of course I have taken a cab or two in NYC. When you have to get somewhere in a hurry, those cabbies will make sure you are there! You might be a little nervous and disheveled once the ride is done, LOL, but you get my drift.

My reasons for bringing up these analogies is because I see it a lot in business. For instance, I am a Master Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician. And it is becoming rampant in the eyelash extensions industry. This art has been around for years, but once something becomes popular, a lot of people like to jump on the bandwagon. But because it is such a specialized skill, many have run with it head-first, crashed and burned. They get into it for the wrong reasons; wanting to make quick money, or seeing the success of someone else and thinking it was easy to do. They don’t see all the hard work, all the practice, all the output and failures that have happened along the road to the successful ventures that are now happening. Some are just now seeing the NOW.

You must see success as a marathon runner. Slowly beginning, and as you progress further, you steadily pick up speed naturally. SUCCESS s not for those that don’t have the patience to endure the tasks necessary to get there. For example with being a Master Lash Artist providing eyelash extensions for my clients, it can be very intense. You have to sit for long periods of time. Sometimes your neck is sore, your hands may throb, your eyes may swirl a bit. But you have to ensure you are at your best health-wise so that those things are not obstacles for you. Take your time, do it right, and your skill and speed will progress naturally. I hope you understand, and know that I am not telling you anything I have not experienced myself.

Success is not a sprint, it definitely is a marathon. As I look back over my career of the past eight years, it was not easy but I didn’t give up, and I NEVER will. Don’t quit, stay in the race, and you will see success if you really want it, believe for it, and keep moving forward.

Beauty Blessings, Love & Prosperity


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