I used to be such a fan of the delete and block buttons on social media. Because I am a super sensitive person, and I believe in guarding my heart and eyes from anything that would hurt me. But we live in a day where you can’t avoid people just hating for absolutely NO reason. I have watched a lot of inspiring and positive youtube videos over the past several years, and it is nearly impossible to find a video with all thumbs up without any thumbs down. That just proved to me that people are going to hate on you regardless of what you do.

Of course it is important to watch what we say, be careful of our actions, and conduct ourselves in an appropriate and professional manner (unless your Cardi B., I mean, hey, there’s always exceptions to the rules), but you have to be who you are and cannot worry about what others are going to think. Because that is the true definition of slavery; being trapped by the thoughts of others and afraid to move from fear of what they may say or do.

So I implore you to be free, and let THEM see you win, whoever your “THEM” may be.

Wishing you a Successful Beauty-filled Journey,

Elizabeth Jennings
The Minister Of Beauty

P.S. So, the world of the business of beauty is so hectic, and I am in the middle of a new location opening, so I have had to postpone going live 4/25 on Youtube to May 2nd. Stay tuned for details, and you can subscribe to my channel at