Do you want to be a BOSS in the BEAUTY Industry?

The Minister of Beauty’s Mission
is to teach Solo Beautypreneurs
How to Grow &
Expand Their Businesses

I was just like you, starting out and unsure of how to be successful in the beauty industry and where to begin. I spent a lot of time trying to learn, and a lot of money as well! So I believe the hard work, sweat and money I have invested will benefit those like you who are up and coming and help you avoid some of the steps I had to take and learn from the losses I experienced.

Checkout the Course Options & Investment


Passionate, Pretty & Profitable Beauty Biz Academy

$997 Or Two Payments Of $550

(Full Pay Option Gets One Hour Business Jumpstart Phone Consultation With Me!)


  • Everything In The First Tier
  • High End Website Creation FOR YOUR BUSINESS!
  • A Full Vip Day Where We Can Go To A Few Of My Business Locations/My Office To Go Over Strategies And Next Steps FOR YOUR BUSINESS!
  • Lunch And Dinner In My Town Where You Can Really Pick My Brain FOR YOUR BUSINESS!
  • One Accountability Call A Week For Six Months
  • Accountability Checkin Regularly Via Personal Communication Project Board
  • Personalized Business Recommendations FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

$4,997 – Or Four Payments Of $1,275

Limited To 10 Per Year


  • Everything In 1st And 2nd Tiers
  • One Extra VIP Day In My Town
  • Two Extra Months Of Professional Accountability
  • 2 Video Ads & 15 Graphics To Promote Your Business 1 Image Consulting Session
    *1 Business Therapy Session

*Accounting/Bookeeping Strategy Session With My Accountant With Offer For Services Moving Forward

$9,997 Or Four Payments Of $2,750

Limited to 5 Per Year


As someone who owns multiple beauty business locations, I know what it has taken me to create a beauty empire. I made my mistakes along the way and while it is ok to make mistakes, those mistakes costs ME a great deal of time and money!

But those mistakes also led me to the formula of what it takes to build a profitable brick and mortar beauty business.

Let’s face it. Yes the online space is happening, but people will always need services like hair, brows and nails done IN PERSON!

And for over 10 years I have been building profitable spaces just like that.
Before you invest your time, energy and money TRYING to get it right, don’t you think you should invest in getting the RIGHT knowledge you need to propel your beauty business to the top of the pack?

That is why I created the Passionate Pretty & Profitable Beauty Biz Academy. Because I know what it takes to be seen as a true business, and be profitable as well. You don’t have to be a chain franchise salon or beauty business to make it, but there are some clear fundamentals that should be in place to be seen as a contender.

Let’s face it, more than 80% of beauty businesses fail within their first three years (or less). I have not only exceeded those expectations, but I did it against the odds, and am here over ten years later with multiple business locations to show for it. And now I am on my way to franchising because I have placed systems and protocols in place to follow my successes. As you know, there are lot of illegitimate beauty businesses. What I mean by that is if they needed true small business funding, they wouldn’t even be seen as a true business because they don’t have all the requirements necessary to show themselves as one.

My business locations have had the blessing of earning millions and now I want to help other small beauty businesses be successful, and even more so than I have achieved, in less time. This is not just a business for me, this is a calling and I know that my experiences and strategies will help you to make it to the top!

My one of a kind program will not only TEACH you what it takes, but more importantly (if you decide to upgrade) allow you the personal time with me, which helps to bring more clarity and focus to your vision moving forward.

So that you KNOW up close and personal what it takes to run a great, profitable beauty business.

I want you to be MORE than just a cute little business; We want to make sure that you are PROFITABLE in your passions as well by helping you avoid some of the costly mistakes that many people make when starting their own brick and mortar beauty business.

These are just some of the FEEATURES/BENEFITS of the Passionate Pretty & Profitable Beauty Biz Academy:

  • How To Make Your Beauty Business Stand Out Among Local Competitors
  • How To Make Your Business Stand Out On Social Media
  • Accounting Accountability
  • Creating Products/Services To Add To Your Bottom Line
  • Obtaining High End Clients
  • Installing Leadership
  • Hiring The Right Team
  • Effective Team Strategies For Growth
  • Business Expansion
  • Managing Multiple Locations Effectively & Cost Efficiently

Listen, I started my beauty business in 2008 renting room after room. By August 2012, I had my own building. By October, I had my first employee. By November 2013, I had my second location. By April 2015, I had my third location. Now I have four locations. I believe in quick action. This course will help you with Accountability ~ Access ~ Action!



My ideal clients are listeners, focuses on themselves, teachable, respectful, imaginative, open to learning, believers, dreamers, and knows what they want. It is very hard for me to work with the opposite as I can’t make someone change their mind who are not open to change.


Your results will always and absolutely depend on you. The doctor can give you the prescription, but if you don’t take the pills on the scheduled recommendation, that will have an effect. If you take the prescribed steps to see the manifestation, it can happen as fast or as slow as you would like it to.

Also physically, depending on what you already have in place, some are farther along in the process than others, and even if you have some systems in place, they may need to be done completely over. So it definitely depends. But remember, overnight success happens in about ten years. There’s no such thing as an overnight success


You will see results and the benefits are going to far outweigh any physically, because we are going through a transformation. It takes a moment for the caterpillar to become a Butterly, but the finished product? Wow!! You are in your transformation and you will see benefits and results.


When you do the work, expect to see results! This course is based on my experiences, and if I was able to open and have profitable beauty businesses during these years and still be going strong, do you think that you are capable of doing the same by working with me using the shortcuts I have create for you? Absolutely you will get a return on your investment


Choose from the options above and decide which course will give you the benefit you are desiring. For those who choose the full pay option for the First Tier, you will get a 1 hour one on one jumpstart coaching call with me!