Are you looking for a community of pretty, like-minded beauty professionals?

There’s nothing like family, right?  But I have found it can be lonely at the top, even having “family” around.  In the beauty industry, it can be very competitive and also feel very lonely, although the beauty industry streets are very crowded these days. 

Well, welcome to the family!  I created the Pretty Business Group for current and aspiring beauty professionals to congregate, converse, and receive.

I’m Elizabeth Jennings. As an entrepreneur since 2006 and a beauty business entrepreneur since 2008, I have experienced the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the triumphs and defeats in this beauty business life.  I went through it alone, but I want to create a community where we all don’t have to go through it that way again!  I know there are a TON of other groups on Facebook, but what I have found is that it is rarely about support, but more about promoting and competing.  I created a safe haven where I can pour into the family some knowledge, wisdom and positivity that is so desperately needed in order to make it in this industry. 

Whether you are a newbie in the beauty industry, or a veteran that has experienced burn-out, this is the place for you! 

Exclusive weekly videos

Monthly challenges for personal and business life

Product & service recommendations for personal & business life

A book of the month recommendation and review

Let’s face it, a lot of us are so busy that sometimes those books just stack up and the reading doesn’t happen!

Discounts on Pretty Business or products launched

Inspiration, motivation and education every week to get YOUR Pretty Business life together!

There’s no price you can place on true community. And I have spent over six figures to come into my own.  For about 60 cents a day, you can invest in a place that is truly here to give you what is crucial to live this beauty business life successfully! Family and friends are great, if you have them, but most may not understand your path and even if they support you with their mouths, most do not in their actions!


$19 Per Month

(Billed every 30 days)