Time is Gold

Time is something that most entrepreneurs do not have in abundance. That’s why it is very important to maximize available time. This means focusing more on marketing than on sales.

A typical activity for salespeople is to spend considerable time with prospective clients to discuss the various benefits they can get with the products or service that you offer. Usually, you use a personalized approach to help you close the deal.

In marketing, you spend time trying to craft different approaches in introducing your product or service to your prospective clients. It could be through free trials, special offers and any other marketing strategy that will help boost your business. When you do this, you are opening the door to a lot of opportunities.

Focus on marketing, not sales

This is clearly where marketing and sales differ. Marketing allows you to scale while sales don’t.

With sales, you need to explain the nitty gritty of each variations, features and benefits of your product. In marketing, with the help of a cleverly worded audio or video, you are able to reach out to a wider audience at a short span of time.

In sales, you need to do a lot of door to door haggling whereas in marketing, you get to spend time to improve your paraphernalia to make your products more enticing. Marketing gives you the power to advertise your product by word of mouth.

One glaring difference between sales and marketing is that with the former, you need to physically show your product and ask your customers to try them. With the latter, you push your customers to use the internet to search for your product.

Your goal is to spend as little time as possible with actual sales. Instead, you will devote all your time to marketing. In marketing, you need to prioritize brainstorming and developing ways to advertise your product. Your goal is to think outside the box.

Another department that marketing should look into is service. All contacts from this department are possible future clients for marketing.

What people want from your product or service

Great products and services should be incentive enough for people to want to be your customer. If this is not happening, then you are doing something wrong with your marketing.

I do not agree with the argument that some services or products need a personal touch. People balk at the idea of allowing potential customers test drive a sports car without the salesperson.

Luxury items need personal touch and this is just what customers would expect for paying a premium price. In cases like this, pre and after sales services are necessary. It is not the job of the sales department to convince people to purchase the product. That’s the work of the marketing team. The sales team is there to ensure that all aspects of the sales process is an enjoyable experience for the customer.

To Sum It Up

You should not waste your time in making sales as this is not a scalable activity. Doing so is not a winner’s mindset. When you have to exert effort in closing the deal, it means that the marketing team was not effective in convincing the customers to go for your products.

A product only become awesome when you can scale it and when customers do not mind paying a premium just to get it.