Philly fans rejoice! The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Listen, I’m not fan of sports, let alone the Super Bowl. I didn’t even watch it, but you can’t escape the fact that The Eagles won over the Patriots. As someone in business, that got to me. This is why. Many times over the years I was doubted, but I moved forward in spite of what others said to me. I made strides in spite of what others did to me. I moved in faith despite my eyes not being able to see myself out of the ditch I was in.

I was so used to losing over the years, losing was akin to me. Just because the losing streak was a part of my life, I didn’t allow that to take over me. And because I did not allow that losing in my life to take control of who I was, I was able to begin to see some wins in my life. The win of establishing myself as a business owner and not just an employee in a job I hated became a reality.

This is how I won! Not because of what others said shall be, but what I said will be, it happened for me. I began to see some wins. Now the Philadelphia Eagles had to begin to see winning in the near future and block out the words of the nay-sayers, the Patriots diehards and their ride-or-die fan base, and the many many wins of years past for the Patriots. They also had to have a coachable and trainable spirit in order to hear the instructions of their coach and take heed to what he was saying they needed to do in order to make it happen. They also had to continue to fight to the finish and not take a break when it seemed like they had it all wrapped up and in the bag. Many have fumbled at the very end and wound up losing. (Remember the Atlanta Falcons last year?!)

So in order to make “WIN” happen for you:

1) Focus on your goal and block out the words of others
2) Allow yourself to be trained and coached by that person who has the wisdom you need and has been placed in your path (not everyone can coach you)
3) Keep fighting UNTIL it happens. You cannot rest when you think you’re almost there. Almost doesn’t count!

Wishing you a Successful Beauty-filled Journey,

Elizabeth Jennings
The Minister Of Beauty