I hope you’re doing amazing today. I wanted to chat really quick about being in the industry of serving others, and how sometimes your best just isn’t good enough. You see, I am the proud owner of a successful beauty business with multiple locations. I pride myself on it because it didn’t happen by providing less than stellar services, nor did it grow because customer service has issues. But the one thing I have learned in the many years of serving “the public”, there will more likely than not come a time that someone cannot be pleased, no matter how hard you try!

There are some that want higher priced services without paying the higher investment, and there are others that want to get services done for free, so they will try to break you down to have you provide services for free. My advice to you is DON’T DO IT! You may think that giving someone a freebie is rude, or threatening to leave negative reviews, or if that someone who is making a scene in your place of employment or business has the upper hand, but they really don’t. I know from experience that the good news is that, they are the minority of the population. Most people are understanding, are not trying to get over, and will offer you the respect that you have gained and/or deserve.

So I’m here to encourage you today. Don’t be tempted to give in to any threats such as those I have mentioned above, because it simply isn’t worth it. More likely than not, those are not your ideal clients anyway, and if you did give them something for nothing, they still wouldn’t appreciate it, but more importantly, you wouldn’t respect yourself after doing so.

If you find yourself working with people like the aforementioned, I encourage you to clean house, and keep looking for the right customers/clients/audience that will respect your position and authority, because you don’t deserve anything less.

Wishing you a Successful Beauty-filled Journey,

Elizabeth Jennings
The Minister Of Beauty